Since entry into the job market in 1975, Richard Meyer has gained over 33 years of experience in practical engineering, design, surveying, construction management and project and personnel management.

Richard Meyer’s experience includes a wide array of water resource work, public agency and development related work.  Projects include design and construction of large infrastructure facilities for the City of Bakersfield, the County of Kern and district owned facilities for San Joaquin Valley irrigation districts. Examples of these facilities are as follows:
t      Large sewer, storm drain and water mains
t      Storm water and sewage lift stations and related force mains
t      Detention basins
t      Municipal water wells
t      Domestic water pump stations
t      Water treatment plants
t      Water storage facilities, both domestic and irrigation 
t      Traffic signals
t      Street design
t      Burn Dump remediation
t      High pressure irrigation pump stations
t      Canal facilities
t      Canal crossings of arterial streets
t      Pedestrian bridges over canals
t      California Aqueduct turnouts
t      Large low-pressure and high-pressure pipelines

Complex engineering studies have also been accomplished by Richard Meyer and examples of these are as follows:
t       Water distribution analysis
t     Sewer studies
t     Hydrology and drainage studies were performed using various types of hydrograph methodology such as   
       FLO-2D, HEC1, SCS TR55, and the Kern County Hydrology Manual
t     FEMA LOMR’s and CLOMR’s

Additional experience includes development-related work such as preparation and processing of General Plan Amendments, Annexations, Zone Changes, Tentative and Final Subdivision Maps, Improvement Plans for all aspects of infrastructure, Water, Sewer, Drainage and Traffic Studies, Construction Documents, Bidding Procedures and Contract Administration.

Richard Meyer has deep experience in construction advisory and inspection.  Such projects include major pipeline and canal facilities, reinforced concrete structures, water, sewer, storm drain, curb, gutter, and paving projects.  Richard Meyer has played a key role in the ongoing development of the Kern River.  He has been involved in a majority of the large river weirs and recharge basins on the river reach through the greater Bakersfield area.

Registered Civil Engineer, State of California, RCE 28104 since April 1977.  Also is qualified to do legal surveying.

Fresno State University, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Summa cum Laude, Life Member Tau Beta Pi.

Member of American Society of Civil Engineers since 1975.
	Served 1994-1995 as Past President.
 Served 1993-1994 as President.
	Served 1992-1993 as Vice President.
	Served 1991-1992 as Secretary.
	Served 1990-1991 as Treasurer.
Represented ASCE on Kern County Hydrology Manual Committee

Member of American Public Works Association since 2006.
	Currently serving as Treasurer.

Richard Meyer

President, Meyer Civil Engineering, Inc.

Registered Engineer, State of California



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